The most beautiful amusement and water park amidst scenic mountains change your ordinary holidays to be memorable with the remarkable World Class standard amusement park and water park, Scenical World. Get your adrenaline pumping from over 20 amazingly fun games and rides with the most special panoramic mountains view at Excite zone. Enjoy with the non-stop play action on the multi-level platforms with over 15 sliders including wave pool, lazy pooland aqua play for every family members at Splash zone in the center of the mountains and tropical garden. Spending your memorable time with your kids with variety of games at Kids zone. Impressed with our signature parades, light and music performance, seasonal carnivals of foods, shopping and entertainments are to entertain all ages. Visit True coffee to pick up your favorite drinks, bakery and pastry items.

SPLASH - Explore Thailand’s the first world-class state of art waterpark right in the center of the mountains with the fantastic adrenalin pumping interactive water features over 15 thrilling slides. Scenical World Splash guarantees the fun and joyful for the whole family with non-stop water play action on the multi-level platforms including wave pool, lazy pool, and aqua play contemporary water sliders.

EXCITE - The Thailand’s newest and the most exciting adventure park by the virtue of its size and capacity providing more than 20 amazingly fun games and activities; some of them offer the highest level of adrenalin pumping excitement. Located in 20 acres of open ground near Khao Yai Mountain, this fun and thrill driven space is a great opportunity for families or friends to build their boundless relationships and expand their adventure spirits.

KIDS - the center of the family. Here at Scenical World, we gather variety of different fun games for your whole family to spend a good memorial time together. Scenical World places the highest priority on safety for all visitors. Our equipments are installed according to the manufacturers highest safety standards. Every operating staff is trained to ensure these standards are maintained at all time.

MALL - The “themed” outdoor shopping and dining lifestyle destination. Time travel concept to the age of Gold rush era in Sacramento, California. The activities at this hangout spot includes brand name fashion shopping, international cuisines paradise, wine bars, chic cafe, and miscellaneous shops to browse around all the ‘happening’ aspects of Khao Yai pleasant lifestyle

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