PB Valley Estate is located Valley 150 km’s northeast of Bangkok a comfortable drive of less than two hours from Bangkok Metropolis on a 6 lane highway.
PB Valley Estate is situated on the edge of the Khao Yai National Park and is the birthplace of the Khao Yai wine region. PB Valley Estate and the Khao Yai region can be visited all year around as this mountainous region northeast of Bangkok is always a few degrees cooler than Bangkok. But similar to all of Thailand the best time for travelers is November to March which is the dry or so called winter season. The Winery is open to visitors daily from 08.30 am to 04:30 pm; please see information in the Wine Tasting Tours section. Harvesting of wine grapes is from end of January to the middle of March each year but table (fresh) grapes are grown and harvested all year around.
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